Shaman Zo testimonials...

"Zo is a force to reckon with! Such a great teacher and light worker"  Florence S.

"I wanted to make you aware that we see you my brother. The waves you create by sharing what you love is silently changing the world. It is an honor to know you and call you friend. May the kindness you share be returned to you and your family ten fold. Namaste " - Frances U

It has been an absolute pleasure getting know and work with ZO. He has been through many challenges in his life and instead of letting them hold him back he has continually sought resources and understanding to heal through them. His knowledge of sacred geometry alone could fill a library. What I truly love about him though is his willingness to be real and get vulnerable. I believe this makes him and amazing teacher, shaman, friend! - Celeste A.

"I have witnessed Zo over come huge life altering hurdles. I love his sacred geometry classes to mention the subjects Zo brings up on in his posts. Zo truly is a gift and a Teacher to me." 
- Tawna B

Working with Zo has made me realize that I have a lot of deep rooted pain that I had buried inside of me, that goes back as far as my childhood years. I’ve had no idea why I’ve had anxiety for over Ten years now, until Zo taught me how to dig deep within myself to find the things that have been giving me pain and anxiety, and has helped me to release them. I’ve also been taught my entire life to push my emotions aside, and to be tough. Zo has taught me to FEEL, that it’s ok to cry, scream, whatever I need to do to FEEL and to find what’s going on inside my heart and soul. I’ve also learned how to set boundaries with others, and to not be a doormat to anyone. All I’ve ever known my entire life was to be walked on and treated like a doormat, it was all that I’ve known! Until Zo taught me to break that cycle. Breaking old patterns has not been easy, but with Zo holding my hand through it all, It’s been something that went from impossible, to possible. Thank you Zo for everything you have helped me with thus far, I can’t wait to continue my journey." - Daisy W

"Shaman Zo of Lucid Earth is a teacher, author, Shaman-trepreneur and much more! We are Michael, the Master Builder of Metatron’s Pyramid & Alana, Keeper of the Pyramid and owner of Alana’s Touch. We asked Zo to help us with running the Pyramid. He told us he’d love to. He has 2 decades of experience and is a real go getter. He’s super quick to get things done so it doesn’t cost an arm and leg. His knowledge is off the charts. He has a huge heart and is totally authentic. We recommend him to you!" - Alana T

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