Elephant Bottle - 16 oz Wide Mouth Jar by Lucid Earth

Elephant Bottle - 16 oz Wide Mouth Jar by Lucid Earth


The Design
This Elephant is not only an original design but is 100% comprised of Sacred Geometry. Moreover, it is made up of the 5 Platonic Solids that represent the elements:

Earth Element / Hexahedron 
Water Element / Icosahedron
Air Element / Octahedron
Fire Element / Tetrahedron
Aether Element / Dodecahedron

Save money on plastic bottled water, reduce environmental waste, stay hydrated, and create something unique of your own with your very own "Peacemaker" Bottle by Lucid.

These jars are a beautiful, meaningful, unique, eco-friendly way to stay hydrated (or juice) all year long.

Features Include:

• Original Sacred Geometry Based Designs
• 16 oz. Clear, BPA-Free, 100% recyclable glass
• Wide mouth jar for easy access and cleaning
• Available in Black or White Print (Black Lids only Currently Available)

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    Comes with one 16 oz. wide mouth jar and one plastic lid with gasket to prevent leaks. Black or White Lids Available.


    Usually ships within 24 hours (except during holidays)
    Weight: 13 oz.
    Capacity: 16 fl oz.
    Product Weight: 10 oz. (283.4 grams)
    Dimensions: 6.75 inches x 2.6 inches.
    Ships in 10” x 6” x 6” package

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$17.77Sale Price