Not All Cycles are Bad

Hows this for a language shift?

I'm looking at changing "being stuck in a cycle" to "operating from an old template"?

The reason being that some cycles are good!

The sun coming up everyday, for example, is really a very beneficial cycle, ya know, if you want life on earth to continue.

The cycle of death and rebirth is crucial for renewal.

The cycle of being hurt and healing is important for learning experiences and getting the most out of life.

Then there are old "templates" that don't serve us.

The template of abuse, addiction or self-destruction. Those are often times OLD learned behaviors we operate from in NEW situations so they appear as cycles.

So if you REALLY want to change your life, learn to create a NEW template rooted not in fear, but in love.

#shiftinlanguage #alchemy #healingjourney #godihaveaweirdbrain

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