"The Box" A Poem I wrote when I was 18 living as a nomadic snowboarder overcoming addiction.

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

In the limbo of travel

From place to place leaping

I have found a locked box for my sleeping

My will is stretched

Yet I am sure

I will be tested

Yet I will endure

Though I descended

I’ve survived the fall

I cannot see it

But I know there’s a wall

I walk alongside it

I try not to fight it

Spare me your suggestions

I’ve already tried it

I no longer waste time with push or pull

Balance is where my effort’s in full

Locked in the darkness

I've found the light

I know I can win, It’s gravity I fight

And turn useless running, into flight

I can go further

I can go faster

I can fly higher

I am my own master

Be warned my captures

I’ve picked the locks

I’ll be unleashed

And come out of the box.

- Zo 05-27-1997

Illustration Credit: i__m_out_of_the_box_by_herryc-d341h9v

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