"Human Vibes" as explained as simply as possible...

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Humans are like radio towers sending out signals at different frequencies. Each of these frequencies broadcast a reflection of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states. They change based on whether we are healthy or unhealthy. They can directly cause of what we experience in our daily lives, but not always due to outside forces. Compare your breath to the wind outside. Both are powerful forces but sometimes one overrules the other when the other is not present. (make sense?)

Each of our frequencies send out signals at different strengths (aka magnitude): The mental signal is easier control than the emotional signal, but the emotional signal is more powerful signal. They can work together as well. For example in meditation you may be asked to "envision yourself in a calm place" which is you controlling your thoughts quite easily. And without thinking too much it can lead to calmness - affecting your emotions. In reverse emotional triggers can sometimes manifest in reaction to a situation overriding the option of logical or rational thought and then change our thoughts to become unrested or irrational, or in a positive way - inspired and blissful. The spiritual vibration can be the most enigmatic. It may be the most powerful and most difficult to control and can create or attract things that we didn’t think, feel, understand or want - but are still meant for us.

It may attract things that we don’t understand and can result in life changing events. These signals may or may not manifest physically (depending on their strength and consistency), literally affecting the atoms within our bodies and the physical universe around us. If this is true, this why we want to be conscious and aware of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state of being.

Did I get it right? Did I miss anything? Comment below and thanks for reading...

- Zo

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