What is the DEAL with Mixed Metaphysics?

Jan 30 / Shaman Zo
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Facebook Post 1-30-2022

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Just keep swimming...

I am a "hyper creative, self-loving / self-criticizing, hitting my goals / sometimes not, sometimes afraid as hell/courageous/ proud of myself" kinda guy .If you are a Creator you know what I'm talking about. Healers, intuitive, artists, authors, musicians, dancers, etc. we all go through it!

We all go through the creative process of:- I just had a great idea!- Begin the process of creating- This is not turning out the way I wanted to- This is terrible / I am terrible- Deadline is here, gotta release it- That actually went pretty well- I am great!- I just had a great idea (rinse repeat).

Sometimes things turn out the way you want them to, sometimes they don't, but in that process don't forget it's who you become along the way!

And if you happen to create a good product and make a few friends then be grateful for the gifts from the universe!!!Hope this serves you today, many blessings on your life journey!!!

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