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Zo - Lucid - Mixed Metaphysics 

Life requires us to adapt to more than one realm in order to thrive. In this day and age we must learn to balance and master both our physical and metaphysical selves.


Fun Facts:
I created Mixed Metaphysics for the evolution of the planet
My purpose on earth is to be a teacher / author / speaker
I created Soul Root Alchemy to save my own life
Sun in Capricorn - Libra Rising - Pisces Moon
I download most of my ideas in dream-state
I've been able to see energy since I was 4
I've studied Shamansim since I was 16
I Love being in service of others
Graphic Designer for 20 years
Plant Medicine Advocate
I find people fascinating
I love Sacred Geometry
I Love Snowboarding
42 Years on Earth
Recovered Addict
I'm From Canada
 Reiki Master IIII
Love my Kids
I Love Travel
Our team

Phase 1

Fashion specialist, instructor, writer, influencer

MMP: Soul Root Alchemy

Have you struggled with a problem and didn't know where to turn for advice?Or maybe you've been searching for answers outside of yourself only to realize you had them inside you all along? Have you ever been verbally assaulted and responded in a way that you later regretted, then looked back you think "if only I chose a more loving way to handle that I wouldn't be in this mess now"? Have you witnessed your own incredible miraculous power to create and manifest one day, but can't seem to find it the next? Have you ever been beyond ready to heal something and move on with your life but couldn't figure out how? The Soul Root Alchemy technique has the ability to overcome all of these things and more. Soul Root is the closest thing we know to actual magic, to actually shifting reality from a space of love. Created, practiced and taught by Shaman Zo for over a decade, it has created change in his life, the lives of many others and can do so for you too. This is a standalone lesson or can be combined with others.

MMP: Sacred Geometry

"Sacred" or "Universal" Geometry is not just about shapes, it's about patterns and connections. All things in the universe fall into patterns and connections. Although some may believe that the label "Sacred" came from a mystic, it was actually first coined by a scientist for it displays observable re-occurring design templates woven into multiple aspects of our reality from material to non-material i e. matter, light and sound. "SG" may be the most compelling evidence humans have that a higher organizing intelligence designed and manifested all that we know. It also may be the clue that will lead us to the question "are we living in a simulation?". Learn what the different patterns and symbols mean, but also how to use them as "maps" for how to navigate both the physical and non-physical dimensions. This is a standalone lesson or can be combined with others.

MMP: Journey Preparation

90% of the journey, is about how you approach it. Are you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually prepared for your next medicine journey? Have you done a cleanse yet? Maybe you are about embark on a beautiful trip to Peru, or maybe something more local. We would love to assist you with your preparation so you can get the most out of your experience. By focusing on comfort and safety you can trust the process. When you feel safe you can surrender and go deeper. When you go deeper, you find infinity. This is a standalone lesson or can be combined with others. 
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MMP: Usui Reiki Master Teacher Program

Reiki is calling you. But you haven't found the "right" teacher. At Lucid Earth we offer traditional Usui Reiki Attunements. In addition to that we offer guidance on how to enhance and combine your Reiki with different tools to make it YOUR Reiki. This is a standalone lesson or can be combined with others.  
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MMP: Love Based Business

You're not like other humans.
You want to work for yourself while helping others. You deserve to make an abundant living and you want to do so on your own time. Maybe you are a creative or an intuitive, or both. You tend to think with your heart first and your head second. You have a lot of ideas, directions, resources and the time to do it in but maybe you lack the organization or experience to know how to utilize it all.
Sometimes we just need an outside point of view from a person with experience in the intuitive / creative and business realms.
Zo has over 20 years of experience in the 3D business and the 5D healing world.
Reach out today and see if Zo is the right fit for you.

Words I live by

The Meaning of Lucid:
- Clear
- Luminous
- Aware or Awake during Dreaming

The Meaning of the Elephant Spirit Animal
- Strong yet Gentle
- Wise yet Humble
- High Up yet Grounded

The Breakdown of our Logo
 - The 5 Elements
- Aether - The Universe - Dodecahedron
- Fire - The Sun - Tetrahedron
- Air - Oxygen - Octahedron
- Water - The Oceans - Icosahedron
- Earth - The Planet - Cube

In order from most dense to lightest 
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